Lighting for Mono

For my mono shoot I decided that I would like some quite dramatic lighting, maybe using the rim lighting setup so that there is quite a lot of the face in the shadow. I thought about doing quite a cropped version of this with the model facing sideways with their head slightly tilted upwards. I would like to capture the glasses in the lighting as well and hopefully produce a spotlight in them.

I thought that to produce this sort of lighting I would use strip lights and poly boards to create this kind of lighting.

These are some rough lighting diagrams of what I think I would use for my lighting for my mono shoot. I have chosen two different lighting setups, the left hand image and the top right hand image are different from each other.

  • The left image I have incorporated two strip lights and poly boards to create that dramatic lighting in the image.
  • The top right I have used a simple setup with just a background and a beauty dish to create a more simple yet effective lighting.
  • The bottom right image is sort of the same as the left setup where I am using strip lights and poly boards however, I wanted to experiment with using one strip light instead of two to see how the lighting is effected with this.



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