Mono Brief

We were given a brief for this Mono project, we have a set time to shoot int he studio with a partner, we had to contact modelling agencies and get some male models as this shoot had to be a male model advertising wayfarer sunglasses. As we weren’t paying for the models we had to ask the agencies if we could produce some headshots for them so that they could use these in their portafolio.

We have to produce 4 different Mono magazine covers in black and white; we were given layouts that we hd to put our final images onto using InDesign. We couldn’t move the ‘Mono’ title so we had to make sure that our images wee fit perfectly and cropped the right amount so that you can still make out the image without it being covered by the writing around it on the cover.


This is my mood board for this brief; I’ve gone for some quite different shots here, some of my ideas have quite dramatic lighting and this would be quite interesting to recreate. I quite like the cropped images in some of these looks and feel that these would work quite well in my shoot.



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