Fanzine Brief

Our second brief was for Fanzine, for this brief we have to produce a 20-24 page magazine of anything we wanted. I decided that I would produce my magazine on product advertising for such products like perfume and makeup. For these I feel that shooting with them in the studio will give them a greater effect that will show them off more. I was also going to use models for some of my photos to show off the products and so that it’s not just an image of the product on its own its got something else with it.

This is my first mood board; most of this is to do with perfume as that was my initial idea; I have included different sorts of images some indoor and some outdoor. I also like the lighting in these images and that is also why I chose them. Some of them are quite dramatic lighting with a rim lighting idea with others being quite natural lighting.


This is my other mood board which includes more products and how they can be staged well. I like the idea of lipsticks being photographed and how you can stage them to make them look attractive. I like the idea of using props to stage my images too.




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