Studio work

Studio Work: 4th November
Whilst in the studio on Friday doing my magazine shoot I also took the time to shoot some images for personal work just while I had my model in the studio and the time to do this. I used the exact same layout as my magazine cover with the black side of a poly board as my background and the RX300 lighting. I had my model do some different poses in order to show a dramatic side with the lighting only on one side of him.

These are the first three of my images, as you can see with the two photos on the left I have managed to capture the model in the first third of the camera format; the right hand photo the model in right in the centre of the frame. The lighting of that particular image has caught the left hand side of the face making the right hand side slightly darker.

This is another one of my images that; with this particular image I decided to shoot it in one of the circular windows. I thought that this may have looked quite interesting with the window in the image as you could get the reflections from the window in the frame. I had the model crouch in the window with his head turned towards where the light was placed, so not looking at the camera but was still in the centre of the frame. Even though I like this photo and how I have framed it, I think that I could’ve thought about where my light was placed so that I didn’t get the light reflected in the window which didn’t really look great. I like how one side of the face has caught the light more than the rest of it leaving the right side of the model in this photo in the dark a bit more.


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