Becoming an Industry Professional essay

Notes and research for my essay


  • wanted to start by saying that I wasn’t certain which industry I wanted to go into yet
  • still making up my mind
  • enjoy working in the studio, portraiture, still life, products
  • have also thought about becoming an assistant for someone and then becoming a photographer
  • studio photography can vary and there is a wide range of it

Para 1:Studio photography

  • brief outline of what it was
  • talked about light and how this can be manipulated in the studio
  • different studio lights and equipment- strip lights, ocotlights, soft box, reflectors etc
  • studio photographers can also use props, background, makeup and fashion stylists, this can portray an idea or theme

Para 2: typical day and earnings

  •  typical day can be unpredictable
  • depending on the current project
  • hours can be long in some cases
  • photographers work whenever they can and have to turn down jobs if they are too busy
  • however, wedding photographers for instance can work all year round
  • skills: computer literate, personable, capture 1 understanding and knowledge, Adobe InDesign too
  • you will have to deal with clients, models, art directors
  • as a starting salary £10,000- £20,000 a year
    £25,000- £65,000 for more experienced and established photographers and how often you work

Para 3: Assisting

  • competition can be tough
  • you’ll need a lot of confidence to be able to phone photographers
  • rejections can be frequent so don’t be alarmed
  • you’ll learn a lot of new skills
  • Indi Petrucci: sooner you graduate the sooner you’ll get into the industry
  • get involved and be alert at all times
  • always ask questions!
  • never go on your phone!

Para 4:

  • Advantages: see first hand hand the other side of the business
  • see how they create their lighting setups
  • how they deal with clients, models, art directors etc
  • when emailing photographers never start off an email by saying ‘Hi I’m a photographer’, it turns them off as they link you’re going to steal their ideas
  • include things like what work you like of theirs, how assisting will benefit you, why you want to work for them
  • never include the date rate you want

Para 5:

  • you’ll need a portfolio, be selective, include only your best work
  • date rate for a starting assistant is £100 a day
  • never work for free!
  • digi-oping starting rate is £120-£250 a day
  • you’ll need to have knowledge and understanding of capture 1 as this is an industry standard
  • as well as basic photoshop , lighting and equipment knowledge

Para 6: Conclusion

  • becoming an assistant will benefit me more after graduating as I will gain more skills
  • I can explore more fields at the moment without knowing what I want to do yet

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