Industry tips

1st November:

This morning we had people in from fashion monitor just walking us through each section and how we can find contacts of agencies and photographers and models if we needed to use these in the future. We can categorise the sections of photography that we want to go into and then this comes up with loads of contacts of designers and editors etc that we can contact if needed.

In the afternoon we had former student Indi Petrucci in to talk to us about what she has done since finishing university and how far she has come since. She is an assistant and Digi op freelancer for food and interior. To her it is okay to change your mind on what you want to do after university, she thought that she wanted to do fashion photography however, she is now in food. The sooner you assist after graduating the sooner you get into the industry; she found it really hard to freelance as an assistant after graduating so found a job as a full time assistant to a food photographer which has given her loads of tips and information that he can now use as a freelance Digi op and assistant.

What has she gained?
-huge network of people
-foot in the door
-no need to cold call again
-great relationship with an agent
-lots of skills learnt
-portfolio critiques
-use of studio equipment
-no two days are ever the same, it is difficult being an assistant but never not fun

-work experience
-shooting your own work
-trying new things

Take advantage
-get involved
-be alert
-ask questions
-always be helpful
-show that you care
-show your ability

-capture 1
-basic photoshop knowledge
-basic lighting knowledge
-knowing about kit

-For a starting assistant, £100 a day fee is a good starting point and then as you gain more experience this can gradually increase.
-When emailing photographers never start off the email by saying ‘Hi, I’m a photographer looking for work’, photographers hate this as they feel threatened that you’re a photographer looking for work if they hire you you may take their ideas, It’s a big turn off for them.

For me this was a really useful talk as I think that starting off as an assistant in a field that I enjoy would really help and give me lots of tips and experience that I would need to eventually become the photographer that I want to be. 


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