17th November

In this session we were in groups and each group were given a brief in which we had to research and work out the prices of what everything would cost for the amount of time we needed it; this included hiring equipment, catering, assistant, makeup artist or stylist, photographer fees etc. In the group that I was in we had a business man brief, we had 1 day to shoot it in their HQ office, so we didn’t have a studio. The company required a shot of all the 12 associates as well as headshots for each of them. In our group we decided that we would need an assistant for the day to help set up lighting and things and we may also need a makeup artist to make sure that there was no shine on the business mens faces however, we thought that it would be easier to use a student makeup artist as there wasn’t a lot of work to do.

  • Assistant: £100 for the day
  • Makeup artist (student): £30 for the day

So we then went onto pricing up the sort of equipment we would need for our brief in hand, we went onto the flash centre to find out how much each piece of equipment would be to hire out for the day and then this would be part of the charge that the client would pay. We looked at the prices of the lights, a back up camera, light stands etc.
-Key light, 2 lights plus 2 backup lights: £54 each
-Camera plus backup: £95 each
-Batteries: £10
-Tripod: £28
-Light stands (4): £8 each
-Soft box (4): £27 each

And then we added on extra like
-Light meter: £10
-QP cards: £2
-Hot shoe adapter: £2
-Hard drive: £80
-SD cards: £25

So altogether the equipment would have cost £676, plus the fees of the assistant and makeup artist it would costed £1000 in total.

Lighting Diagram for the brief:


This was our lighting diagram, we decided that for the individual shoot each person would stand in front of a window so we would be using natural light. And then for the group photo we would use two lights which would be behind the camera pointing towards the group of business men who were standing or sitting in a line.


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