Ope O Talk

27th October: Today Ope O came in to talk to us about how he has become famous on social media especially Instagram and about his work and what he does and how he has achieved this. As a former student to Ravensbourne he spoke about joining the social media environment and how this helped him to become known by many other photographers around the world and the companies that he’s worked with and how this came about.

He spoke about how much of his work at Ravensbourne was shot through Instagram and has continued and flourished ever since; much of his work now is shot using ambient lighting unless he is working with a company to promote a product and he’s inside then he’ll use something more studio based. He also mentioned many editing apps that he uses when shooting on Instagram as he can’t use photoshop or anything like that;  he mentioned apps such as VSCO, juxtaposer, fotor, and square ready to name a few.

This was a very useful talk I think as it really got you thinking about how you can exploit social media by what you post and how you post onto it. Ope talked to us about posting on social media everyday as often as you could but not overloading it and to keep following people on these platforms to enhance our networks.


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